• Phǟntom- Login How to log in to Phantom Wǟllet Account?

    How to log in to Phantom Wallet Account?

    People who have created their wallets can easily access them using the password details. The complete process to login to Phantom account are given below:

    1. Open the Phantom Wallet mobile app or browser extension

    2. Now, type the password details of your wallet

    3. Check the password again and then click the ‘Unlock’ button

    4. Finally, you have logged in to your Phantom acco

    Way to recover the Phantom Wallet

    You can recover the wallet in case you are locked out of your account and you have lost the password details. To recover the Phantom Wallet login, you need to follow the steps that are given below:

    1. Open the browser extension or wallet mobile app

    2. Now, reach to the ‘Import Wallet’ button and click on it

    3. When asked, provide the 12-words seed phrase details correctly

    4. Confirm that you have entered the details correctly

    5. Create a new password for your wallet and retype it to confirm

    6. Now, you need to discover the ‘Recover my wallet’ button Phantom App

    After approaching the steps that are given below, your Phantom Wallet will be recovered on your device. Now, in case you are facing any type of issue while using or accessing the wallet then you need to refer to the tips that we are going to mention in the next section.


    Tips to fix the Phantom Wallet Problems

    Users of this wallet can approach the steps that are given below to clear out the login or extension issues:

    § Before adding the Phantom browser extension to the browser on your computer, make sure that the browser is updated.

    § Users who are locked out from their wallets need to use the seed phrase details to recover the Phantom Wallet.

    § Clear the cookies and cache files from the browser on which you are using the Phantom Wallet.

    § In case the extension is not working on the browser then remove it and then re-add it to fix theu issue.